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Ranking Systems (IMPORTANT!)

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Ranking Systems (IMPORTANT!) Empty Ranking Systems (IMPORTANT!)

Post by Cheza on Tue Sep 29, 2015 12:25 am

This topic holds the information and duties describing the ranking system that all four packs share. They are in order from highest rank to lowest rank. Enjoy and make good use of it! Very Happy

The Superiors

Alphas ~
Description: The Alpha is the leader of the pack. They look to each pack member as family and make important decisions that reflect the growth and welfare of the pack. The Alpha creates the rules for the pack and makes sure they are enforced. Alphas decide on ranking, assessments, and banishments of werewolves either temporary or permanently.  They also carry the responsibility of maintaining the pack's hunting territory. The Alpha calls group hunts and decides when and where to hunt, along with the Betas and Hunters. During pack meetings, most issues will be discussed with the pack as a whole. The final decision will be made by the Alpha after all opinions are heard by the pack members. The Alphas have the final say so in everything, yet act only for the good of the pack.
Number per pack: 2, one of each gender

Betas ~
Description: The Beta wolf is the second highest rank within the dominance hierarchy. They show commitment and loyalty to the pack. They help the Alphas in decision making however they do not have a final say. The Betas stand in as Alpha when the Alphas are not present. They answer to no one but their Alphas, but are expected, as with all members, to show respect to every werewolf. They enforce the rules, keeping peace within the clearing. They have the right to kick and ban a werewolf from the clearing, after fair warning of wrong actions, such as fighting. Betas may call hunts, deciding when and where to hunt, along with the Hunters. In pack meetings, the Betas' answers and suggestions are the second most important, being trusted advisers to the Alpha.
Number per pack: 2, one of each gender

Important ranks

Healers ~
Description: Healers are werewolves in each pack committed to the role of healing and curing wounded or sick pack members. These werewolves are trusted by the Alphas to perform duties such as being in charge of medications pack members take, taking care of the sick hospitably, stitching up open wounds, and having a knowledge of herbs, remedies, and any other health related subjects. Since some duties that Healers carry out can be rather upsetting, like surgeries and such, werewolves who take on this role must be fully able to perform them without getting emotionally uncomfortable. These werewolves usually have gentle, kind, and calm personality traits about them because it is somewhat required in case of a really bad injury/big emergency. They inform the Alphas & Betas both to tell them how a member is doing or to tell them that the member has almost healed completely, but might suggest them to not do a certain job for a specific amount of time.
Number per pack: No limit on amount, mostly depends on the pack's demand for healers

Healers in training ~
Description: Healers in training are werewolves just past the age of 12 who have chosen to train with the Healers in order t take on that role after enough training. Their duties are less complicated than the Healers, since they do not do any duties similar to Healers. It is somewhat easier for werewolves in this rank to be used to the sight of injuries and exposure to sick pack members. If however, the Healer in training happens to become sick as well due to the exposures, their duties will be carried out by one of the Healers who is either willing or their expertise hasn't been needed at that moment in time. Healers in training have duties such as informing their mentor if they suspect a pack member might need their assistance, keeping up with medical stock, and being able to give a patient a thorough health analysis.
Number per pack: No limit on amount, mostly depends on the amount of healers currently in a pack or if a healer is hoping of retiring or too old to perform the duties it used to be able to perform

Different Mid-rankers

Sentinels ~
Description: Sentinels are similar to Scouts in the way of patrolling the territory however Sentinels also watch over newcomers and make sure they have good intentions when it comes to the pack. They ensure the packs safety by doing so. They also make sure there isn’t any fighting among the pack members and if a fight breaks out they are to report it to the Alphas and Betas so the fight can be handled appropriately.  Sentinels also have the right to chase off or ban a werewolf from the pack territory if they are continuously causing trouble, not listening and fighting with other pack members but all incidents must be reported to the Alphas or the Betas of the pack, especially if a chase off or ban has occurred.  
Number per pack: No limit of amount

Hunters ~
Description: Hunters are those who have a talent or skill at tracking, hunting, and sneaking up on prey. Hunters lead hunts along with the Alphas and the Betas. It is usually the werewolf's size, senses, and intelligence of their surroundings that makes them a valuable hunter. Since part of their duties involves stamina, speed, endurance, and stealth, all werewolves who are in this rank must be fully capable of completing all of these duties while being trained as a student. A werewolf's size does matter in this case, since facts say that the smaller the werewolf, the quicker they can run.
Number per pack: No limit on amount

Fighters ~
Description: The Fighters of the pack are those who are best and have a certain skill for fighting. They lead their pack mates into battle alongside the members of the pack who are higher in rank than them. The Fighters usually know the best tactics for taking down or chasing off enemies such as other supernatural folk, loners or rival packs that may be intruding or raiding the pack. They are the first ones in and they lead the rest of the pack into a battle with confidence in their skills.
Number per pack: No limit on amount

Scouts ~
Description: Scouts are the eyes and ears of the territory. Their job is to go out on patrols and make sure loners haven’t entered onto their pack territory as well as any other dangers that could harm a pack mate or the entire pack itself. The moment danger is spotted they are to return and report their finding to the Alphas and Betas to ensure safety among the pack. Scouts are not to take on any other task that could put them in harms way. They are to immediately return to where the pack is to inform it’s superiors.
Number per pack: No limit on amount

Nannies ~
Description: Nannies are werewolves of both genders who care, pup-sit, or raise a litter of pups of their own. Their job is to ensure the pack's youth is in good health and make sure the future generations of the pack are safe. Nannies who happen to have pups themselves are allowed to watch their own young only, but most of the time they pitch in to watch over some other pack member's pups. Werewolves of this rank usually show a sense of protectiveness, gentleness, but also responsibility. This rank and its duties must not be confused with that of the Teachers of the pack. Nannies are only there to keep an eye on the pups, either by feeding them, defending them from enemies, or by simply being their play-mates.
Number per pack: No limit on amount

Teachers ~
Description: Teachers are werewolves in each pack with the duty of training Students all about social structure/behavior and other skills needed to be intergraded into the pack come their second year. Teachers need to be tough and dominant, to help keep the unruly Students in line. But patience and some degree of playfulness aid in the long and difficult process of handling Students.
Number per pack: No limit on amount

Elders ~
Description: The Elders are the wisest of the pack. They know the ways for they are the most knowledgeable and yield the most experience. They are usually the oldest members of the pack who have decided the pack is where they belong and it’s where they wish to pass on. All Elders' opinions are greatly respected and are often role models for the youngest of the pack and sometimes even the superior members. The Elders tend to have a better knowledge of helping newcomers to learn the ways of the pack. It’s best to respect them or be put in your place by the Alphas and Betas if it comes down to it or even banned or chased off by a Sentinel.
Number per pack: No limit on amount

Lower ranks

Students ~
Description: Students are young werewolves older than the age of 12 (human years) who have begun training to gain their own place in the pack. Although a bit playful still, if the Teachers discipline them enough, they will be good at learning new skills.
Number per pack: No limit on amount

Pups ~
Description: Pups are young werewolves younger than 12 years of age (human years) who are still a bit to young to be taught anything, but still they hold significance to the pack.
Number per pack: No limit on amount

Omegas ~
Description: Omegas are the lowest ranking werewolves in a pack. The Omega is usually a young werewolf that’s still learning the ways of the pack even if they are born into the pack. An Omega can also be a werewolf that has been lowered in rank due to incorrect or unwanted actions. The Omegas usually take on the role of the scapegoats, the ones to humiliate, and the "punching bags" for other pack members. Although they often get treated badly, the Omegas are a crucial role in a pack. They use their ways of playfulness and humor to relieve tension in their pack, and also to entertain them.
Number per pack: No limit on amount
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