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Werewolf Terms (IMPORTANT!)

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Werewolf Terms (IMPORTANT!) Empty Werewolf Terms (IMPORTANT!)

Post by Cheza on Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:03 am

Flying heads - terms used for enemy legendary creatures from Native American myths and legends. Technically skulls with bat wings that bite people. Creepy SYFY content, pretty much! Razz

Lupus - male wolf god told about in a legend shared by all the werewolf packs.

Moon goddess - female human who determines which werewolves are destined to be true mates.

Paw-bound - terms used other than says two werewolves are 'mates'.

Paw-fast - term used for siblings who vow to protect each other.

Spirit-bound - term used for a loner who desires to join a pack in the future.

Flying humans - term used for half woman/half giant owl enemies of the werewolf packs based upon Native American myths and legends. Shadow you'll see just before you're no longer on the ground, technically! Very Happy


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