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Thsarias's Bio

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Thsarias's Bio Empty Thsarias's Bio

Post by Thsarias on Fri Jan 22, 2016 10:15 pm

Name ~ Thsarias
Nicknames ~ Stags
Age ~ 23
Gender ~ Male
Sexuality ~ A-sexual, now that his mate is deceased.
Pack ~ Deep Water
Rank ~ Aspiring Alpha, Currently Hunter.
Other characters ~ N/A

Human Appearance
Hair color ~ Black
Hair length ~ Medium
Hair style ~ Slicked back, Like Griff from Tell tales game of thrones. Yes, you know what im talking about! >Smile
Eye color ~ Black, with flecks of Gold and blue. (Sclera is still white)
Height ~ 5'11
Weight ~ 170
Accessories ~ A single onyx ring
Weapons ~ Silver Arming Sword
Image ~ Have none

Wolf Appearance
Fur color ~ Black
Fur markings ~ Two silver horn markings at the top of his head
Fur length ~ Medium
Eye color ~ Black, with flecks of Gold and blue. (Sclera is still white)
Body build ~ Medium, but very little fat, muscles are toned not large.
Accessories ~ N/A
Image ~ Have none

Personality ~ Thsarias is a silent Hunter. He prefers to talk prey for days, or even weeks, before attacking. He is also Ruthless, but can rarely be seen doing something kind.
Likes ~ The Hunt
Dislikes ~ Bunnies
Fears (be specific if possible) ~ Peace, As peace means your opponents have time to sharpen a new knife to plunge into your back.
Quote ~ "Death is inevitable, But my job is to speed up yours."

Mate ~ (Deceased)
Pups ~ (Scattered and lost)
Friends ~ None made.
Enemies ~ None made.
Parents ~ Malnius Afret, Deceased father. Avanti Afret, Deceased mother.
Siblings ~ There are several black wolves scattered through the land, none known to Thsarias.

Roleplay Information
Strengths ~ Hunting, Stealth, Can run for days at a time with only brief periods of time.
Weaknesses ~ Cannot go in a fight
Roleplay point of view ~ 3rd

Other Information
History ~ Thsarias' mother had silver-grey fur, his father's was black. They lived In a land that border's ours, His father being the alpha of the pack. They were counter-attacked by another pack during a raid, his father and several others dead before they crushed the opposition. In their weakened state, they were forced to be assimilated by another pack that had allied the one they had raided and slain. The alpha was a massive wolf with many scars, who was hellbent on killing all of Malnius' predecessor's, As Malnius was his mortal enemy. he didn't want one of his children to come back and reclaim the pack, so he purged all of Malnius' children. In doing so, He targeted Thsarias' mother aswell. After a brief struggle, she ran, although wounded, she easily outpaced her hunters. five days of losing ground, they finally gave up the chase, thinking her too wounded to heal. She did heal in the end, and gave birth to four pups, Thsarias being one of them. She struggled to feed them and protect them, One of them dying to a coyote after she went hunting. As he was playing with his brother, one day he fell into a sinkhole, With no way of escape. His mother left him, as he was obviously dead and she had two other pups to take care of. Well he wasn't about to die to a mistake. He painstakingly climbed out of the hole, and cared for himself. Now he finds himself here, His purpose not to get revenge or reclaim the pack, but to guard his lands better than his father.
Disabilities ~


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Thsarias's Bio Empty Re: Thsarias's Bio

Post by Cheza on Wed Jan 27, 2016 2:04 pm

Hmmmm, I'm afraid you're going to have to provide images of what you want him to look like, because I've never seen Game of Thrones. I'm terribly sorry for how long I took to respond, but I'm gonna have to ask you to redo some things on his bio

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