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Fury's Bio (W.I.P) (Almost Done)

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Fury's Bio (W.I.P) (Almost Done) Empty Fury's Bio (W.I.P) (Almost Done)

Post by Fury on Sun Nov 15, 2015 1:42 am

General Information
Name ~ Fury

Nicknames ~ N/A
Age ~ 22 human yrs
Gender ~ Male

Sexuality ~ Straight
Pack ~ Whispering Wind
Rank ~ Alpha Male
Other characters ~ N/A

Human Appearance
Hair color ~ blondish
Hair length ~ Short
Hair style  ~ N/A
Eye color/colors ~ Hazel
Height  ~ 5'8"
Weight ~ 130 pounds
Accessories ~ N/A
Weapons ~ N/A
Image ~ (W.I.P)

Human Fury:

Wolf Appearance
Fur color ~ russet
Fur markings ~ N/A
Fur length ~ Short and sleek

Eye color/colors ~ Hazel

Body build ~ Muscular
Accessories ~ N/A
Image ~

Wolf Fury:
Fury's Bio (W.I.P) (Almost Done) Red_wolf

Personality ~ 
 he is wily and cunning, and can trick his opponents into thinking he's on their side (this mainly works only with females). he is a thinker and can get out of sticky situations easily if he is focused and calm. He is prideful and stubborn and will defend his pack's reputation no matter what.
Likes ~ N/A
Dislikes ~ Cruel things/animals/people
Fears ~ Fire
Quote ~ (W.I.P)

(looking at the ground)"You won't know I've hit you,"(looks up slightly, an evil glint in his eyes)"until i already have."

Mate ~ N/A
Pups ~ N/A
Friends ~ Soma
Enemies ~ none yet
Parents ~ 

Mother - Lily
Father - Robin
Siblings ~ none

Roleplay Information
Strengths ~ he is speedy and lithe, easily outrunning his opponents. he is also very strong and his 'bite' and bite is fierce.
Weaknesses ~ Usually acts first and thinks last
Roleplay point of view ~ (I've no idea what 2nd person is) 3rd person

Other Information
History ~ Fury had a pretty normal childhood. Of course there was the harsh winters with little food, the fight for survival, and everything else the forest has to 'offer'. He and his parents were survivors. They survived many things others didn't. His parents, Lily and Robin, had known each other since they were pups, but being together was a challenge. They were in separate families; families that hated each other. They finally brought the two loner families to peace and were allowed together. Okay, back to Fury. He and his parents were living peacefully until one day, there was a forest fire. His mother, Lily, got trapped in the den when a flaming branch fell. Robin, his father, refused to leave her side. Because Fury was old enough to be on her own, Robin stayed with Lily and told Fury to find somewhere safe to shelter and that they would find him. So he did. Fury ran through the forest, looking for shelter, until, finally, he found a small, empty den, where he waited for her parents to find him and for the forest fire to stop. Three days had passed when Fury finally stepped out of the den. He looked at the forest in disbelief. It had been devoured by the flames. Fury knew his parents weren't coming back. From that day forward, Fury looked after himself. Now that he is fully grown, the memory of his parents' deaths are faint.
Disabilities ~ N/A

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Fury's Bio (W.I.P) (Almost Done) Empty Re: Fury's Bio (W.I.P) (Almost Done)

Post by Cheza on Sun Nov 15, 2015 4:24 am

One thing, she doesn't really look 25 in the picture of her human form, she looks like 19

Fury's Bio (W.I.P) (Almost Done) 1534147-bigthumbnail
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Fury's Bio (W.I.P) (Almost Done) Empty Re: Fury's Bio (W.I.P) (Almost Done)

Post by Fury on Sun Nov 15, 2015 4:33 am


Your friends are all gone...
And the wind sings a song...

A song of the dead long forgotten...
Of memories, bitter and rotten...

Of the future way ahead...
Of the time that loved ones were dead...

Of the past you hold onto...
Of the times loved ones left you...

Of the grief in your life...
Of the stars in the night..

Of the lives you hold dear...
Of the message that is clear...

Let go...

Let Go of grief...
Let Go of pain...
Let Go of the past...
Look towards the future...
At those that believe in you...
Never. Stop. Believing.
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Fury's Bio (W.I.P) (Almost Done) Empty Re: Fury's Bio (W.I.P) (Almost Done)

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