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Rules (MUST READ!)

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Rules (MUST READ!) Empty Rules (MUST READ!)

Post by Cheza on Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:11 pm

Topic Rules
♥ No foul language is to be used in any topic, no matter the subject or people replying to it. Any member who abuses this rule will be warned for the first two occurrences and the foul word(s) will be changed to something appropriate by an Administrator. Any more usage of foul language from that member will result in a ban from the site for 48 hours (2 days). Any member who witnesses another member abuse this rule and no Administrator is online at the time, that user is to report the member to an Administrator or myself
♥ No spamming, god-modding, or flooding no matter how bad you want to! I do not tolerate any of them, and members who do so, even if they are an Administrator like myself, will still count as an abuser of this rule. I can't do it either, but since I own the site, I can't ban myself. Any breaking of this rule will be carried out the same way as the rule above this.
♥ When the topic is one you can roleplay in, please make sure you post with a minimum of 3 full sentences. NO EXCEPTIONS! All members who do not do so will be asked by an Administrator or Moderator to edit their post to make it 3 full sentences.
♥ No link sharing on any topic unless it has to do with the forum or the roleplay.

Chat box rules
♥ Again, no foul language is to be used when in the chat box. Any member who abuses this rule will be warned ONLY ONCE and if they continue to use foul language in the chat box, the member will be banned from it for at least 48 hours (2 days).
♥ Again, no spamming, god-modding, or flooding in the chat box. The same punishments will be used as it is for the rule above this.
♥ NO demanding of mod status in chat box will be treated seriously. Mod status in the chat box must be earned by proving how responsibly you will use it!
♥ No link sharing in the chat box even if it relates to roleplay or this forum. I will not tolerate this, and I think it is disrespectful of the chat box's purpose.

Creating your character rules
♥ When creating your character, all members must use the character template in the Biographies forum I have provided (because I don't think you can make it any smaller without getting rid of subjects administrators look for when they view them).
♥ ALL members has a limit of 1 high rank (alphas and betas) and 1 important rank (healers, healers in training, and elders). Any member who abuses this rule and creates more than 1 for one of the ranks or both will have a maximum of 3 days to remove the unacceptable character(s) or else that member will be banned from the site for 48 hours (2 days).
♥ When posting your characters' biographies, post them in the Biographies forum, not in the Accepted Biographies forum.
♥ When using the form and posting your biography, make sure all content is filled out. If you post it and not all the information is filled out, put a "WIP" somewhere in the topic name to led Administrators know it is not finished and they shouldn't reply yet.
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